Sometimes it may occur that a hovawart owner is looking for a new home for his or her dog.
For several different reasons, like illness, divorce, or if a dog is no longer in place in the pack.  The hovawart club can help in finding a suitable new home for these dogs. Please contact Lies Wauters, who is responsible for the rehoming within the club.

If on the other hand you are interested in obtaining such a dog, also contact Lies.  We will keep you informed of the dogs waiting for a new home.  If you are interested in the dog(s) that are described on our site right now , also contact her.

We will try to get the best possible match between Hovawart and potential new owner .  We will carefully take into account the special needs of the dog and the specific situation of the people who are on the waiting list.  A dog that requires special attention will be kept in care (foster family) until the right match has been found.
It is very important to keep in mind that an adult Hovawart has his own past to carry along with him.  That is why we will always do a charactertest prior to rehoming.  This information and also the report on how the dog has been behaving either at his original home or the foster family’s  can be obtained, just contact Lies Wauters.

The BHC has a supporting and advisory role in the rehoming of Hovawarts, at the best of its abilities, but cannot take legal responsibility concerning the rehomed Hovawart

Important : All Hovawarts looking for rehoming have been neutered

Oscar and Tjasse, a dream team!

Masuka found a new home with Peter and his family in Ijsselstein!

Flash can enjoy himself with his friends on the big estate with Ann and Christiaan

Gazou is now called Dexter and has the time of his life with Bernard, Madelein, Daan and Dorothé!