All studdogs approved by BHC have either HD A or B, eyes tested and without hereditary disease and they have successfully passed the character/breeding test of the BHC.

If you want more information, please contact the breeding responsible (contact details on page committee).

Seth de Bunkers de l'Elnon

Pedigree: LOF5740

Date Of Birth : 6/2/2021

70 cm

Father : Mellowfields Jango (sm)
Mother : Kashmir von der Wassernixe (sm)

Reiko du Clos Chalandre

Pedigree: BE/RSH 9201028IMP - LOF-2 HOV. 5562

Date Of Birth : 28/1/2020

68 cm

Father : Helios vom Pfarrhof (s)
Mother : Issey du Clos Chalandre (sm)

Shinpi de Magische Wachter

Pedigree: LOSH 1302112

Date Of Birth : 8/12/2019

67 cm

Father : Imax vom Wildweibchenstein (sm)
Mother : Pixie van Mies en Co (s)

Arnau De Innerlijke Kracht

Pedigree: NHSB3113918

Date Of Birth : 11/3/2018

68 cm

Father : Aramis vom Mühlengeist (sm)
Mother : Amira vom Pferdebach (sm)

Pax van Mies et co

Pedigree: LOSH 1170451

Date of birth: 4/1/2016

68 cm

Father : Kayetan van de Hoevemeester (s)
Mother: Caja vom Burgblick (sm)

Atze Vom Striegisberg

Pedigree: VDH-HO 37811-15

Date of birth: 11/12/2015

65 cm

Father : Gambo vom Rehwinkel (sm)
Mother: Antonia von der Hohen Rhön (b)