All studdogs approved by BHC have either HD A or B, eyes tested and without hereditary disease and they have successfully passed the character/breeding test of the BHC.

If you want more information, please contact the breeding responsible (contact details on page committee).

Marley Aldeon

Pedigree: LOSH1257764IMP

Date Of Birth : 14/5/2017

69 cm

Father : Endriew Westbohemia star, sm
Mother : Charlotte Aldeon, sm

Offroad Nucky van de Hoevemeester

Pedigree: LOSH 1154635

Date of birth: 17/1/2015

68 cm

Father : Kathorgal van't Beversnest (sm)
Mother: Pusztai-Pandor Dorka (s)

Mowin King van de Hoevemeester

Pedigree: LOSH 1124396

Date of birth: 14/3/2013

67 cm

Father : Cordes vom Fleischereck (b)
Mother: Pusztai-Pandor Dorka (s)

Arne von Prichsenstadt

Pedigree : VDH-HO 35675-12

Date of birth : 28/3/2012

69 cm

Father : Csandro von Wackerbarth, sm
Mother : Franci vom Schnodratal, sm

Derrick aan de Schotkleppe

Pedigree : NHSB 2847784

Date Of Birth : 16/7/2011

69 cm

Father : Diego hinter den Gärten, sm
Mother : Cosima aan de Schotkleppe, sm

Garouch Sun des Leus Altiers

Pedigree : FRSN 0699 2659

Date of birth : 8/2/2011

67 cm

Father : Chester Barte Priem, sm
Mother: Sunia las Ksiezniczek, sm