Find a good breeder

Looking For a Puppy ?

It is difficult for a beginner to critically evaluate all offers from “breeders” in magazines or on the internet and to separate the wheat from the chaff.
Maybe someone has given you the address of our site, or maybe you happen to end up on our pages by chance. Anyway, this information is useful for everyone. So do not look further until you have read this.

Of course you never buy a puppy in a store! They don’t belong there.

You don’t just buy a puppy from the first “best breeder” that offers dogs. They all look cute of course, those little puppies, but they grow up quickly and have been part of your family for about 12 years. It is therefore better to do everything possible to get a dog that is well socialized and bred from lines with as few health problems as possible.

What is a Good Breeder ?

A good breeder is someone who is passionate about the breed you are interested in, and not someone who also breeds several other breeds.
It is someone who carefully chooses a dog that best fits his bitch in terms of health, character and appearance.
Someone who deals with the puppies and treats them as if he would keep them for the rest of their lives.
Someone who on the one hand provides you with all possible information and on the other hand asks you critical questions about yourself and what you will do with the dog.
Someone who is concerned that his puppies will end up with a good family.
Someone who will also be there later if you have questions about the health and education of your dog.

In your search for a breeder you should definitely keep the following criteria in mind. On this basis you can ask the breeder all possible questions to obtain the information you need to determine whether he breeds responsibly;

  • The breeder allows you to come beforehand to get acquainted and at least twice when the puppies are there;
  • When you visit the breeder, the mother of the puppies must always be there;
  • The mother must always be able to reach her puppies;
  • The puppies must stay with the breeder for 7-8 weeks;
  • the puppies must be raised in direct contact with the family and the daily noises in a family, not isolated (so also not in the garage, the laundry room or a garden shed!) – after all your dog will live with your family in the house, and that is with which he must be socialized;
  • The puppies must be raised together and must not be separated from each other;
  • The breeder must be able to present the official papers of the parent animals (pedigree, HD examination, eye examination) – ALWAYS ask to see the results of the tests to ensure that the tests have indeed been carried out and to know what the results are – the statement ‘research carried out’ is not enough – it is important to know what the result is!
    all puppies must be;
  • all puppies must be examined by a veterinarian and receive their first vaccinations and deworming from the breeder, and each owner must receive a European passport containing the identification of the puppy and the initial vaccinations;
  • the breeder must be prepared to draw up a sales agreement guaranteeing buyers that the puppies will be identified with an official tattoo or microchip and that a pedigree will be delivered that is recognized by the KMSH in Belgium;
  • with a good breeder two litters are never raised simultaneously, so that all attention can be given to mother and pups;
  • a good breeder allows his bitch sufficient rest time between two litters, all the more when it concerns large litters (after a litter with more than 8 puppies, at least 18 months would have to be waited with a new cover)
  • a good breeder gives you written instructions on how to care for and feed the puppy;
  • a good breeder would like to know how the pup is doing in his future life, and is willing to assist you with advice and deed even after he has received the money for the pup.


Try to talk to several breeders before you make a decision. Also talk to owners who have already bought a dog and ask about their experiences with the breeder you are interested in.

Don’t be shy to ask questions – most good breeders love nothing more than to talk about their breed! There are no “stupid” questions, the only stupid question is the question you’ve never asked.

Think twice if the breeder is in a hurry and tries to get out of your questions in an easy way …