Character Testing

What is a Character test ?

A character test consists of a series of tests / situations in which the behavior and character of the dog are observed.
For example, a market situation, prey instinct, sudden sounds, shot test, strange person, unusual moving object, suddenly pop-up doll, and for the adult dogs also a bit of defense.

Character tests are organized by the club for young dogs (ages 12-24 months) and for adult dogs (from 20 months).

Purpose Of The Character Test

The purpose of the test is to evaluate how strong the defense instinct is (defense, hunting, etc.), the softness / hardness of the character, the degree of self-confidence, and also how quickly the dog stabilizes after a stress situation.

This test is very interesting, and sometimes unprecedented characteristics of the dog’s character are expressed. The results of the test can help guide the dog’s upbringing further, especially in young dogs, whose character continues to evolve for a while. For example, certain characteristics can be weakened or even strengthened even before the character has fully formed.

When several puppies from the same litter are tested at the same time, the breeder and the club can evaluate whether the right decisions have been made when choosing the bitch and the male, and this information is useful for the further development of the Hovawart in Belgium.

Character Test and Breeding Test in BHC

All dogs, both males and bitches, with which within the B.H.C. and therefore is bred according to the club’s rules, must pass the test for adult dogs.

The appearance of the dog is also thoroughly evaluated prior to the character test.
From abroad, only stud dogs from an officially recognized Hovawart association are used, who have passed the character test organized there in their own country.

Would you like to come and have a look at a character test? Which can. The next test will take place during the weekend of 7 and 8 October. You can find more information on the “agenda” page.

Photos of the different parts of the test.