I want a puppy

Are you really a good companion for a Hovawart ?

  • Does your entire family rejoice the purchase of a Hovawart and will they all support you in all the aspects that will have to be undertaken with a Hovawart ?

  • Does your lease stipulate that one can keep (large) pets ?
  • You really don’t mind to find your dogs’ dirty footprints all over the place on more than one occasion ?

  • You’re not the type to get a nervous break-down and you do not feel like throwing up after your vain Hovawart bitch enjoyed rolling in some dirty smelling sticky substance ?

  • You are prepared to pay your Hovawart the needed attention on a daily basis, like play with him or her and taking the dog for a walk ?

  • You enjoy undertaking adventures with your Hovawart, but you do not intent to use the dog as a purpose to achieve certain goals ?

  • During competition, when your dog acts as if he erased all the exercices from his mind resulting in a total off-day, your reaction is : a dog is only … human ?
  • You feel the absolute need to add some more outdoor clothing to your wardrobe ?
  • Your car looks more like a dog shelter on wheels complete with doggy hair, dirt spots and all kinds of dog stuff in the back, but you don’t mind it at all? Neither does his typical smell that seemes to have glued itself into your car ?
  • You’re the absolute leader of your “pack” for your Hovawart : patient, cool, consequent, you are at the top of the social ladder and above all, you … are always just a little bit smarter than your beloved dog, and this  from the very first day with your dog, even if your cute little puppy puts up its most innocent face, with eyes that could melt an iceberg ? You know that next to his (her) friendly intentions, underneath shelters the cool and calculated predator, testing you and checking the limits just as he would do in the wild.

  • You are fully aware of the fact that Hovawarts, more than other breeds, are attached to their folks and you are willing to take this into account when planning the next holiday ?
  • You are patient and have temperament, mental strength and you have a good sense of humor. You like to be outdoors under all circumstances, you are able to react in a wink of an eye and you never give in concerning your relation with your dog.

  • You also understand that it will be your Hovawart who will take the leadership if you are not behaving as you should: friendly, reassured and consequent.

  • You should be aware of the fact that all existing advices or standards in regard to the daily attention of your Hovawart are insufficient by far compared to other breeds. So do make sure that your Hovawart can spend his live with you. One should understand that it is very unfair leaving a Hovawart by itself for more than 4 hours.

  • In case of real emergency, you have a valid alternative to replace you and your family as company for your dog in absence of his regular folks ?

  • It must be clear that by purchasing a Hovawart, you too become responsible for other dogs and for the image of the Hovawart breed and other breeds. It is imperative to socialize your dog so you do not get into trouble meeting other dogs.

  • Today’s Hovawart does not need a large farm at his disposal, but a large dog always needs to be granted certain space and a garden will prove to be more than useful. Caging or chaining a dog is very dog-unfriendly and unacceptable !

  • On the other hand you know that a garden is not a valid excuse to refuse your dog his daily walk and certainly not a substitute for any kind of passtime for your dog. Neither does it discharge you from paying him the attention he (she) requires.
  • You really can afford all expenses such as veterinary, insurance, food, toys etc…?


If, regardless the above, you still wish to purchase a Hovawart, then we wish you all the luck and happyness with your companion.

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